got shocked b/c many fans waiting them ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

siwon the type of guy to stop a revolving door and tell it “you don’t deserve to be pushed around like that”

shindong and eunhyuk  got scolded for lifting project banner too early … hahaha apparently fans yelled “not yet!!


such a religious man


How to exist like a cool oppa - The good and bad examples

Kyuhyun looks like Mommy Cho being directed by the airport security to the loo. hahahahahahahaha

Siwon Weibo Update

Qingzi’s line is ‘I know you have a woman in your heart’ but she accidentally said ‘men’ instead. After the translator translated for Siwon, he said loudly in chinese, I LIKE WOMEN, I DON’T LIKE MEN

cr: x


Ok EXO fans, you need to stop this. Don’t get me started about how SUPER JUNIOR were the FIRST biggest group, then years later exo debuted.

SJ-M debuted 2008 AND THEY WERE THE FIRST KPOP BAND THAT DEBUTED IN CHINA, while exo-m came in later on.

ALSO, Super Junior’s 'It's You' MV was the first one-shot MV, it wasn’t exo’s growl.

So stop blabbing nonsense over how SWING is similar to growl.

Siwon imitating Donghae when he did a mistake in the mv shooting and went after the camera man..

SMEnt promoting SJ?

2008: only sub-unit, sj-t and sj-h albums were made yet no good public promotions
2009: sorry sorry sorry so-neorago neorago neorag---
2010: when heechul told a representative that Bonamana is having good promotions in Taiwan,the rep replied that it's what is expected of them
2011-2012: rushed album promotions,suddenly it's repackages and goodbye stages..well,hello super show
2013: without avex,sj will not have promise you,blue world promotions;still you-donghae almost made all the promotions in sns
2014: sjM's swing album is (still)not having proper promotions;refer to Kim Heechul
dear sment: WHEN?


Swing Tracklist